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How do I transfer label templates with P-touch Transfer Express?

You can transfer templates to the printer using P-touch Transfer Express. First, the administrator creates a template, and then distributes it together with P-touch Transfer Express. You can then use P-touch Transfer Express to transfer the template directly to your printer.

  • When transferring a new template, make sure you specify a Key Assign number (in P-touch Transfer Manager) that is not currently used. If the specified Key Assign number is already being used, the existing template will be overwritten with the new one.
  • This function requires a USB connection.
Sample flow



1. Prepare P-touch Transfer Express

The printer driver must be installed before using P-touch Transfer Express.

P-touch Transfer Express is available only in English.

  1. Download P-touch Transfer Express from the [Downloads] section to any location on the computer.
  2. Decompress the downloaded file (.zip).


2. Transfer the label template to P-touch Transfer Manager

  1. Start P-touch Editor, and open the label template to be transferred.
  2. Click [File] - [Transfer Template] - [Transfer].

    P-touch Editor screen

    The label template is transferred to P-touch Transfer Manager.
    P-touch Transfer Manager automatically starts up.

3. Save the label template as a Transfer Package file (.pdz)

To create a file in a format that can be used by P-touch Transfer Express, save the label template as a Transfer Package file (.pdz).


  1. Select the [Configurations] folder in the P-touch Transfer Manager window.
     P-touch Transfer Manager window
  2. Select the templates you want to distribute.
    Multiple label templates can be selected.
    P-touch Transfer Manager window
  3. Click [File] - [Save Transfer File].
    P-touch Transfer Manager window
    • The [Save Transfer File] option appears only if the printer is disconnected from the computer or offline.
    • If you click the [Save Transfer File] option after selecting the [Configurations] folder or a created folder, all templates in the folder are saved as the Transfer Package file (.pdz).
    • You can combine multiple templates into a single Transfer Package file (.pdz).
  4. Type the name, and then click [Save].
    The label template is saved as a Transfer Package file (.pdz).
    Save window


4. Distribute the Transfer Package file (.pdz) and P-touch Transfer Express to Others

If you have already downloaded P-touch Transfer Express, it is not necessary for the administrator to send the Transfer Express folder. In this case, you can simply move the distributed Transfer Package file to the downloaded folder, and then double-click [PtTrExp.exe].

  1. Move the Transfer Package file (.pdz) to the downloads folder.
    Download folder
  2. Distribute all files in the downloads folder to the user.


5. Transfer the Transfer Package file (.pdz) to your printer

You can transfer the Transfer Package file (.pdz) to the printer using P-touch Transfer Express received from the administrator.

Do not turn off the power when transferring templates.


  1. Turn on the printer.
  2. Connect the printer to the computer using a USB cable.
  3. Double-click the [PtTrExp.exe] file received from the administrator.
  4. Do one of the following:
    • To transfer a single Transfer Package file (.pdz) within the folder containing the [PtTrExp.exe] file, click [Transfer].
    • To transfer multiple Transfer Package files (.pdz) within the folder containing the [PtTrExp.exe] file, do the following:
      1. Click [Browse].
      2. Select the Transfer Package file you want to transfer, and then click [Open].
      3. Click [Transfer].
      4. Click [Yes].
  5. When completed, click [OK].

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