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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Using the Printer Setting Tool (for Mac)

Using the Printer Setting Tool, you can specify the printer's communication settings and device settings from a Mac. Not only you can change the device settings for one printer, but also you can apply the same settings to multiple printers.

Before Using the Printer Setting Tool:

  • Make sure the AC Power Cord is connected to the printer and to an AC power outlet.
  • Make sure the printer driver has been installed correctly and you can print. (For macOS 10.15 or earlier)
  • Connect the printer to a computer with a USB Cable.
    Settings cannot be specified via Wi-Fi® by using this tool (QL-1110NWB only).

To use the Printer Setting Tool, please follow the steps below:


  1. Connect the printer you want to configure to the computer.
  2. Click [Macintosh HD] - [Applications] - [Brother] - [Printer Setting Tool] - [Printer Setting Tool.app].
    The [Printer Setting Tool] window appears.
  3. Check that the printer you want to configure appears next to [Printer].
    If a different printer appears, select the printer you want from the drop-down list.
  4. Select any of the Settings Tabs, and then specify or change the settings you want.
  5. Click [Apply Settings to the Printer] to apply the settings to the printer.
  6. Click [Exit].
    • Use the “Printer Setting Tool” to configure the printer only when the printer is in idle mode.
      The printer may malfunction if you try to configure it while it is processing or printing a print job.
    • If the Printer Setting Tool is not installed, download and install the Printer Setting Tool from the [Downloads] section.


See below for details of each setting.


Settings Dialog Box

Basic Tab

Advanced Tab

Management Tab

Bluetooth Settings Tab (QL-1110NWB only)

Wireless LAN Tab (QL-1110NWB only)

Applying Setting Changes to Multiple Printers


Settings Dialog Box

Setting Dialog Box

  1. Printer
    Lists the connected printers.
  2. Import
    Imports settings from a file.
  3. Export
    Saves the current settings in a file.
  4. Setting Tabs
    Contain settings that may be specified or changed.
  5. Apply Settings to the Printer
    Applies the settings to the printer.
  6. Factory Reset
    Resets all the settings to the factory settings, including device settings, transferred data, and network settings (QL-1110NWB only).
  7. Reset only Device Settings (QL-1110NWB only)
    Resets the device settings in the Basic, Advanced, and Management tabs to the factory settings.
  8. Print Unit Settings
    Prints a report containing firmware version and device setting information.
    You can also print this report using the Cutter ( Cutter button ) Button. Refer to the FAQ: "Can I print out the printer settings?".

    To print this report, we recommend you use a 2.4" (62 mm) or wider DK Roll.

  9. Current Settings
    Retrieves the settings from the currently connected printer and displays them in the dialog box.
  10. Exit
    Exits the Printer Setting Tool.


Basic Tab


  1. Auto Power On
    Specifies whether the printer turns on automatically when the AC Power Cord is plugged into an AC power outlet.
    Available settings: [Enable], [Disable]
  2. Auto Power Off (AC/DC)
    Specifies the period of time that passes before the printer turns off automatically when connected to an AC power outlet.
    Available settings: [None], [10/20/30/40/50/60 Minutes]


Advanced Tab


  1. Print Data after Printing
    Specifies whether or not print data is erased after printing.
    Available settings: [Keep Print Data], [Erase All Print Data]
  2. Printer Information Report
    Selects the information you want to include in the Printer Information Report.
    Available settings: [All], [Usage Log], [Printer Settings], [Printer Transfer Data]
  3. Cut Settings
    Sets the cutting method when printing multiple labels.
    Available settings: [OFF], [Auto Cut], [Cut at End]
  4. Serialize Mode
    Specifies how you want to serialize (number) your printed labels.
    Available settings: [Count from Last], [From Starting]


Management Tab


  1. Command Mode
    Select the type of command mode.
    Available settings: [Raster], [ESC/P], [P-touch Template]
  2. Airplane Mode (QL-1110NWB only)
    Allows disabling the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi interfaces. This function is useful when you use the printer in a place where signal transmissions are not allowed.
    Available settings: [Off], [On]


Bluetooth Settings Tab (QL-1110NWB only)

  1. Bluetooth Device Name
    Displays the Bluetooth device name.
  2. Bluetooth Address
    Displays the acquired Bluetooth address.
  3. Visible to Other Devices
    Allows the printer to be "discovered" by other Bluetooth devices.
    Available settings: [Discoverable], [Not Discoverable]
  4. Auto re-pairing
    Sets whether or not to automatically reconnect to previously connected Apple device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch).
    Available settings: [Enable], [Disable]
  5. Change PIN code
    If [On] is selected, you can change the PIN code that are compliant with Bluetooth 2.0 or earlier.
  6. Request Secure Simple Pairing (SSP) settings during pairing
    If this check box is selected, pairing can be performed using the printer buttons for devices that are compliant with Bluetooth 2.1 or later.


Wireless LAN Tab (QL-1110NWB only)


  1. WirelessDirect
    Turns the Wireless Direct function on or off.
    Available settings: [On], [Off]
  2. SSID/Network Key Generation
    Available settings: [AUTO], [STATIC].
  3. SSID (Network Name)/Network Key
    Specifies the SSID (3 to 25 ASCII characters) and the network key you want to use in the Wireless Direct mode.
    You can specify a setting only when [STATIC] is selected as [SSID/Network Key Generation].
  4. Display current settings
    Displays the current settings for Wireless Direct. Click [Current Settings] to update the displayed settings with the most recent information.


Applying Setting Changes to Multiple Printers


  1. After applying settings to the first printer, disconnect the printer from the computer, and then connect the second printer to the computer.
  2. Select the newly connected printer from the [Printer] drop-down list.
  3. Click [Apply Settings to the Printer].
    The same settings that were applied to the first printer are applied to the second printer.
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 for all printers whose settings you want to change.

    To save the current settings in a file, click [Export].
    The same settings can be applied to another printer by clicking [Import], then selecting the exported settings file.

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