FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What kinds of software or functions are available for this printer?

The software and functions below are available for this printer:


For Windows and Mac
To use the printer with your computer, you must install the printer driver.

Software QL-1100 QL-1110NWB Features
Windows Mac Windows Mac
P-touch Editor Check Check Check Check Designs and prints custom labels with built-in drawing tools, text using different fonts and styles, imported graphic images, and barcodes.
P-touch Transfer Manager Check   Check   Allows you to transfer templates and other data to the Label Printer and save backups of your data on the computer.
This software is installed with P-touch Editor.
P-touch Library Check   Check   Manages and prints P-touch Editor templates.
You can use P-touch Library to print templates.
This software is installed with P-touch Editor.
P-touch Update Software Check Check Check Check Updates software to the latest version.
P-touch Address Book Check   Check   Prints address labels using an address database.
P-touch Editor Lite LAN     Check   Prints over both wireless and wired connections.
There is no need to install the printer driver.
Printer Setting Tool (for Windows) Check   Check   Specify the printer's device settings from a computer.
Printer Setting Tool (for Mac)   Check   Check Specify the printer's device settings from a computer.
Wireless Device Setup Wizard       Check Allows you to configure the Label Printer for a wireless network.
BRAdmin Light     Check   Finds the printer on your network and allows you to configure basic settings from your computer.
BRAdmin Professional     Check   Finds the Label Printer on your network and allows you to configure advanced settings and updates from your computer.
Function QL-1100 QL-1110NWB Features
Windows Mac Windows Mac
Crop Print Check   Check   This Label Printer can print one or multiple barcodes from a Letter/A4 sized .pdf file. It will automatically identify and individually crop and print barcodes.
Distributed Printing Check   Check  

When printing a large number of labels, printing can be distributed among multiple Label Printers.

Because printing is performed at the same time, the total printing time can be reduced.



For mobile devices

Application Features
Brother iPrint&Label This application allows you to create and print labels from templates, using a mobile device.
Mobile Transfer Express This application allows you to use a mobile device to download databases and label data, created on a computer using P-touch Editor and saved to a cloud service, and send them to your Label Printer.

You can download each application from below.

For Apple devices (QL-1110NWB only), see "What iOS mobile application can I use?".

For Android™ devices, see "What Android™ mobile application can I use?".
A software development kit (SDK) is also available.
Visit the Information for Developers site.

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