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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Print command (cupswrapper) (Linux)

Print Command :
lpr -P (printer name) [ -o Option] (filename)

You can view the details of Parameter by the following command.
Command: brprintconf_{Model Name without "-"}
E.g. MFC-J430W: brprintconf_mfcj430w

Option Table (Available option parameter depends on your model.)

Category (available models only) Option Parameter Example
Media Type MediaType=Plain
Print Quality BRResolution=600dpi
Paper Size PageSize=A4
Paper Source InputSlot=AutoSelect
Color or Mono BRMonoColor=Auto
Color Match BRColorMatching=Normal
Enhance Black Printing Enhance Black Printing BREnhanceBlkPrt=ON
Brightness BRBrightness=[-20 - +20] Brightness BRBrightness=[-20 - +20]
Contrast BRContrast=[-20 - +20]
Red Key BRRed=[-20 - +20]
Green Key BRGreen=[-20 - +20]
Blue Key BRBlue=[-20 - +20]
Saturation BRSaturation=[-20 - +20]
Improve Gray Color BRGray=ON
Toner Save Mode TonerSaveMode=ON TonerSaveMode=ON
Improve Print Output BRImproveOutput=BRFixIntensity
2-sided Duplex=DuplexTumble


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