How do I install the bobbin wound with thread?

Removing the bobbin case

Installing the bobbin

Installing the bobbin case


Removing the bobbin case

  1. Open the hook cover.
      * Pull the hook cover toward you.


  2. Pull the thread picker toward you if it was not pulled toward the front. 
    * To gain access to the bobbin case easily, pull the thread picker toward front.


    (1) Thread Picker

    Thread picker is a device that is used to hold the thread when beginning to embroider or when trimming the thread.

    The thread picker can only be moved within a certain range. Do not pull it with extreme force.


  3. Grab the bobbin case latch, and remove the bobbin case.



    (1) Latch


Oiling the Machine

After removing the bobbin case, apply oil to the machine. For details on oiling the machine, refer to Maintenance (Oiling the machine).

  • Put a drop of oil onto the hook once a day before use.



Installing the bobbin

  • This embroidery machine is not equipped with a bobbin-winder. Use pre-wound (L type) bobbins.
  • The optional bobbin winder (stand-alone type) and optional metal bobbins can also be used.


  1. Insert the bobbin into the bobbin case.
    • Prewound bobbin
      (1) Magnet Tip

    • Metal bobbin

    • Check that the thread winds off the bobbin clockwise as shown in the illustration. If the bobbin is installed with the thread winding off in the opposite direction, the embroidery will not be stitched correctly.
  2. Pass the thread through the thread slit and under the tension-adjusting spring.

    (1) Thread slit

    (2) Tension-adjusting spring


  3. Pull the thread about 50 mm (2 inches) through the opening in the tension-adjusting spring.


    (1) About 50 mm (2 inches).

      * For adjusting the tension of the bobbin thread, refer to How do I adjust the tension of the bobbin thread?.


Installing the bobbin case

  1. Insert the bobbin case into the hook.
     * Insert the bobbin case while aligning the tab on the bobbin case with the notch in the hook, as shown in the illustration.

    (1) Tab

    (2) Notch


  2. Fully insert the bobbin case until it snaps into place.


  3. Close the hook cover.



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