Colors of Tajima (.dst) embroidery data

Tajima data (.dst) does not contain pattern color information. The data is created by combining only shapes.

For example, the following embroidery data appears as shown below in the Tajima format (.dst)




In order for the parts of the pattern to be differentiated when Tajima data is used with this machine, the pattern is displayed with colors

automatically applied in the default thread color sequence. Since the thread colors are applied according to the embroidering order of the parts, regardless of the design of the pattern, colors may be applied that seem unusual for the design, for example, an orange-colored fruit may be displayed in blue.
LED lights, also indicate colors according to the sewing order, which may be not the same thread colors to be sewn.

When using Tajima data, be sure to preview the embroidered image on the screen and change the colors from the change thread color screen.


It is recommended to try the Manual color sequence if you use Tajima data very often. Using the Manual color sequence, you can directly change the color setting according to your thread spool setting. Set “Manual Color Sequence” to “ON” in the settings screen.
(For more information, refer to "Convenience of the manual color sequence".)


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