Temporary needle bar setting


After embroidering begins, the machine can be stopped at a color change and a different needle bar can be specified for the next color to be sewn.
By substituting an upper thread color already threaded on a different needle bar, the time for sewing can be saved. For example, similar color thread can be substituted for temporary use.


Specifying Temporary Needle Bar Setting


  1. Touch key.



    → The temporary needle bar setting screen appears.

  2. Touch the key for the needle bar threaded with the thread that you wish to embroider with.



    → The needle bar number changes and image appears to indicate the selected needle bar.

    → To cancel the setting, touch key.

  3. Touch key.



    → The embroidering screen appears again.

The thread color (needle bar) cannot be changed in the middle of an area that is being sewn.


Uninterrupted embroidering (monochrome)


A selected pattern can be stitched out in one color instead of multicolor. The machine will hesitate but not stop between color steps, and then continue till the pattern is completed.


  1. Touch the key for the needle bar threaded with the thread you wish to embroider uninterruptedly.



  2. Touch key for the multicolor steps to become shaded and the selected pattern will embroider in a single color, instead of changing the thread while embroidering.



    → The thread color displayed on the screen will be grayed out.

    • Touch key again to return to the pattern's original settings.


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