I want to know how to use P-touch Editor. (P-touch Editor 5.x for Windows)

Start P-touch Editor and go to [P-touch Editor Help] from the [Help] menu in the edit screen. We provide step-by-step instructions for frequently asked questions in the help. By following the instructions, you'll be able to learn from basic to advanced P-touch Editor techniques.


Example of provided description in P-touch Editor Help

Help Section
Sample Label
Taking a snapshot of the screen in Snap mode

(Procedure for starting the Snap mode. Screen capture.)
Making a nametag

(Specifying the size of the label. Centering the text within the label. Adding a frame around the text.)
Making an address label

(Specifying the size of the label. Printing. Saving a layout.)
Making a banner or sign with continuous length tape

(Specifying the label length or using auto setting. Inserting clip art illustrations)
Making labels for a CD case

(Specifying a background theme. Inserting clip art illustrations. Combining multiple labels using the Sheet function.)
Creating a table

(Inserting a table. Joining cells. Typing text into a table.)
Making a label that contains information split among multiple labels

(Creating wide labels. Inverting text.)
Making a cable marking label using a template

(Specifying the size of the stamp. Centering text. Justifying text)
Connecting to a database using a template

(Selecting a template. Database connection.)
Printing using the Numbering function

(Specifying the field to be incremented (Numbering field), and printing a series of sequentially numbered labels.)
Making a label that shows telephone numbers

(Creating tables without borders. Setting the cell width.)
Using P-touch Editor to make a label that contains a bar code

(Selecting a protocol. Changing the size.)
Making address labels with continuous length tape

(Using tape in vertical direction. Adding cutlines. Printing.)
Making a label by using a database

(Using / Connecting an Microsoft Excel file Merging into a layout.)
Making a label by using an Add-In

(Using add-ins)
Printing multiple sheets at one time

(Adding a sheet. Printing sheets continuously.)
Using layout styles to create labels

(Choosing/Changing the default layout style. Editing and saving a layout style.)
Making a stamp containing a photo

(Inserting photo data. Enhancing photo data.)
Making a stamp using arrange text

(Creating arrange text. Adding to a template.)
Making a label by using the P-touch Library

(Using the P-touch Library)

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