FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

What is the JPEG printing and how can I use it?

Image data (JPEG) can be printed without using the printer driver.

  • JPEG images can be printed using the mass storage feature.
  • The Object Push Profile (OPP) is used for printing via a Bluetooth® connection.
  • This printer will convert a color JPEG image to a ‘Black & White’ image using a dithering process.
  • When sending a JPEG image that is already ‘Black & White', this dithering process may make your printed image fuzzy.
  • To improve the image quality, try to turn off any preprocessing of the JPEG image.
  • Only JPEG images can be printed.  (Limited to files with the .jpg extension.)
  • The maximum file size is 15.8 MB.
  • The maximum resolution is as follows:
    Height × Width = 24000 × 832 dots
    If these limits are exceeded, the data received by the printer will be discarded and not printed.
  • Print is at 1 pixel = 1 dot.
  • This printer performs binary processing (simple binary) to print the image.
  • The image is printed with the height-to-width proportion of the received data.
  1. Confirm that the printer is turned off.
  2. Press the Menu / Select (Select) button and the Power (Power) button at the same time.
    The printer starts up in mass storage mode and the message "Mass Storage" appears on the LCD.
  3. Connect the computer or device to the printer via USB.
    The printer’s mass storage area is displayed on the computer or device’s screen.

    If the mass storage area is not displayed automatically, refer to the operating instructions for the computer or device’s operating system for information about displaying the mass storage area.

  4. Drag and drop the file you want to copy to the mass storage area.
  5. Load paper and press the Menu / Select (Select) button.
    The commands in the command file are executed, and the message "Receiving" appears on the LCD.
  6. After the commands have been executed, the message "Mass Storage" appears on the LCD.
  7. To turn mass storage mode off, turn the printer off.
    The printer will start up in its normal operating mode.

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