FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Cannot insert data from a database into a barcode. (P-touch Editor 5.2 or later for Mac)

To insert data from a database into a barcode in P-touch Editor 5.2 or later, do the following:


  1. Start P-touch Editor.
    You can download P-touch Editor from the [Downloads] section of this website.
  2. Click the Database icon in the toolbar.
    Database icon
  3. Select the database file you want and then click the Connect button. 
    Connect button
  4. Click Insert > Bar Code, and then select the barcode protocol you want.
    * This example uses the Data Matrix barcode protocol.
    barcode protocol

  5. The Data Matrix dialog box appears.
    Type random data in the Data field and then click OK.
    Data Matrix dialog box

  6. When the barcode appears on the label layout, adjust the barcode's size and position.
    label layout

  7. Drag the column header of the database data that you want to insert and drop it onto the barcode.
    Drag the column header

  8. Check that the data is inserted correctly by clicking a cell in the database column you dragged and dropped.
    If "Invalid" appears in the label layout, make sure that the database data does not contain any blank data and that the data format is correct.

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