FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How do I install the printer driver in Windows using a USB interface cable and the CD-ROM?

Before you start the driver installation, please make sure the followings:

  • For USB interface cable users:

    1. Do not connect the interface cable yet.
    2. Please be sure that the length of the USB cable does not exceed 6 feets (2 meters).

  • If a message regarding "Windows Logo testing" appears, click Continue Anyway.

  • Your machine is not supporting Windows 95/98/Me/ Windows NT 4.0.
    For details, please check the machine specification. The latest User's Guide is available in the Manuals section.

  • If the "Found New Hardware Wizard" appears on your computer, click Cancel.

Installing the driver and connecting the printer to your computer.

  1. Turn off the printer power switch.
  2. Make sure the USB interface cable is NOT connected to the printer, and then begin installing the driver. If you have already connected the cable, remove it.
  3. Turn on your computer. You must be logged on with Administrator rights.
  4. Put the supplied Brother CD-ROM into your CD-ROM driver. The opening screen will appear automatically. Choose your printer model and language.

     If the opening screen does not appear, use "Windows Explorer" to run the "start.exe" program from the root folder of the Brother CD-ROM.

  5.  Click "Install Printer Driver" on the menu screen.

    Choose the I"nstall Printer Driver" icon for your region.

  6. Click USB cable users.

    For Windows Vista, when the "User Account Control" screen appears, click 'Continue'.

  7.  When the "License Agreement" window appears, click 'Yes' if you agree to the License Agreement.
  8. When next screen appears, make sure the printer power switch is on. Connect the USB interface cable to your computer and then connect it to the printer. Click 'next'.

    The USB interface port is located on the back of the printer behind a label stating "Install software first "remove the label to connect the cable. For HL-2170W users, there are two ports on the back of the printer. Be sure to connect to the USB port. Do not connect the USB cable to lower port which is the Ethernet port.

  9. Click 'Finish'.

    If you want to register your product on -line, check "On- Line Registration".
    If you do not want to set your printer as Default printer, uncheck "Set as Default Printer".

Setup is now complete.
This information can also be found in the Quick Setup Guide.

If you see the error message "Cannot find file bh21xx.pdd. Please locate the file", refer to the Related FAQs at the end of the page. (Where XX varies on your machine's model name)


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