FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Your Scanner Cannot Be Detected on the Network During Installation

Cause Action
Your computer is not connected to the network.

Make sure your computer is connected to a network, for example, a Wireless LAN environment or has Internet access. For further support, contact your network administrator.

Your machine is not connected to the network.

If the Error LED on the Control Panel blinks in orange, it indicates an error status. Make a note of the error status and then correct the error.

See Related Information: Error and Maintenance Indications.

You use security software.
  • In the installer dialog box, search for the Brother machine again.
  • Allow access when the alert message of the security software appears during the Brother Device installation.
  • The following port numbers are used for Brother network features:
    • Network scanning, Remote Setup

      Port number 5566/Protocol TCP

    • Network scanning (Brother iPrint&Scan)

      Port number 54921/Protocol TCP

    • BRAdmin Light

      Port number 161/Protocol UDP

  • For more information about security software, see Related Information: Your Brother Machine Cannot Scan over the Network .
You use a Wi-Fi router.

The privacy separator on your Wi-Fi router may be enabled. Disable the privacy separator.

Your Brother machine is placed too far from the Wireless access point/router. Place your Brother machine within about 1 metre of the Wireless access point/router when you configure the wireless network settings.
There are some obstructions (walls or furniture, for example) between your machine and the Wireless access point/router. Move your Brother machine to an obstruction-free area, or closer to the Wireless access point/router.
There is a wireless computer, Bluetooth®-supported device, microwave oven, or digital cordless phone near the Brother machine or the Wireless access point/router. Move all the devices away from the Brother machine or Wireless access point/router.

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