FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

Change the General Settings Using Remote Setup

Purpose Operation (Windows/Mac) Description
Set the Date and Time
(DSmobile DS-940DW)
General Setup > Date and Time Set the date and time. If you set Auto Daylight to On, the time will be adjusted forward one hour in the spring and adjusted backward one hour in the fall.
Set the Machine to Power Off Automatically

General Setup > Auto Power Off

General Setup > Auto Power Off Time

Select how long the machine must wait before it automatically turns itself off. The Auto Power Off feature can save power consumption.

  • (DSmobile DS-635/DSmobile DS-640/DSmobile DS-740D)
    To turn on the machine after the Auto Power Off feature has turned it off, press START/STOP.
  • (DSmobile DS-940DW)
    To turn on the machine after the Auto Power Off feature has turned it off, press Power(Power).

(DSmobile DS-940DW)
If the machine is connected to the computer using a USB cable and the battery is not fully charged, the machine automatically turns itself off and goes into Battery Charge Mode when the specified time elapses. (The Battery LED blinks.)
The machine turns off after the battery is fully charged or when the USB cable is disconnected from the machine or computer.

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