FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

When I try to scan the A3/ Ledger size document using ScanSoft™ PaperPort™ 11SE, there is not "A3/ Ledger" in the paper size list. What should I do?

For TWAIN scanner driver users:

If you use the TWAIN scanner driver, select DLetter instead of "A3/Ledger":

  1. Start ScanSoft™ PaperPort™ 11SE  and make sure that Scan or Get Photo was clicked.

  2. Make sure that the TWAIN scanner driver is selected as "Scanner".
    If the TWAIN scanner driver is not selected, select the TWAIN scanner driver following the procedures:

    a. Click Select... .

    b. Select "TWAIN:TW-Brother xxxx (Where xxxx is your model name)" and click OK.

  3. Select the profile that you want to change the settings of.

  4. Click Settings... .

  5. Open the Scan tab.

  6. Select DLetter from the size selection.

  7. Click OK to close the window.

For WIA scanner driver users:

If you use the WIA scanner driver, change the settings for A3/ Ledger paper size:

  1. Start ScanSoft™ PaperPort™ 11SE  and make sure that Scan or Get Photo was clicked.

  2. Click Select... .

  3. Select "WIA: Brother xxxx (Where xxxx is your model name) and click Advanced setup.

  4. ScanSoft Scanner Setup Wizard will appear.
    Click Next.

  5. Select Yes when you are asked "test your device with Paper Port".
    Click Next.

  6. Click Yes when you are confirmed that you test your device with Paper Port.

  7. Close any other applications that might be using your scanner and then click Next.

  8. Check Basic scan test and Report paper size available.
    Click Next.

  9. Click Next.

  10. Click Scan to start scan test.

  11. After scan test finished click Next.

  12. Confirm there is A3 size in the list when the report of available paper size appears.
    Click Next.

  13. Click Finish.

  14. Restart your PC.

  15. Click Start > All Programs > Brother > XXX-XXXX (Where XXXXXXX is your model name) > Scanner Settings >Scanner Utility.

  16. Make sure that A3/Ledger is selected for "Maximum Scanning Size".
    Click OK.

  17. Restart your PC.
    Now there will be "A3/ Ledger" in paper size list of Paper Port.

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