FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

How to launch and use the DeviceSelector to configure the scanner? (For macOS 10.14 or earlier)

In order to use the DeviceSelector, you need to open the ControlCenter2.

  1. To open the ControlCenter2 application, click Go from the Finder bar, Applications => Brother => ControlCenter. Double click ControlCenter. The ControlCenter will open and an icon will be placed in the dock.

    Icon in the Dock
    If you do not see the ControlCenter software, then the scanner driver and ControlCenter software is not installed properly. Click here to download the scanner driver in the Downloads section.
  2. From the Model dropdown, choose Other....The Device Selector will appear.


    • If your machine is already listed, you may choose it from the list and click OK.
    • If your machine is not listed, continue to STEP 3 to add a scanner.
    If you want to delete a machine from the list, highlight it and click - (minus).
    Device Selector
  3. Click + (plus). A list of machines will appear.


    • USB Users: If your machine is connected using USB, it will appear in the list as Kind : USB. Continue to STEP 5.
    • Network Users: Continue to STEP 4.
    If you do not see your network-connected machine, you may click IP at the top of the window, and enter the IP address of the Brother Machine.
    Printer list
  4. If you want to configure settings for the Scan key, place a check next to Scan Key Settings. You will receive the following additional fields:


    • In the Display Name field, enter a name for the Mac (up to 15 characters), which will appear on the machine's display when you press "Scan". You must configure this field in order to use the Scan Key.
    • You may check Enable PIN code protection and enter a PIN code. When this setting is enabled, you will be prompted to enter the PIN at the machine when you attempt to scan to this Mac. This setting is optional.


    Scan Key Setting
  5. Click Add.
  6. Make sure that the scanner you want is highlighted and click OK. The DeviceSelector will close.

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