FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

The document was not fed.

  • Paper dust has accumulated on the surface of the Pick-up Roller or Separation Pad.

    Clean the Separation Pad and Pick-up Roller.


    > Click here to see how to clean Separation Pad.

    > Click here to see how to clean Pick-up Roller.


  • Too many documents are loaded in the document feeder at a time or your document is too thin or too thick.

    Make sure your document is acceptable for the machine.


    > Click here to see acceptable documents.


  • There are foreign objects in the document feeder.

    Remove any foreign objects or ripped paper from the document feeder.


  • Remote Setup is in process.

    Cancel Remote Setup.


  • Paper ejection has paused.

    Finish ejecting the paper.


  • The Separation Pad Cover is not properly closed.

    Securely close the Separation Pad Cover until the hooks fit into the Front Cover.


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