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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Wrong Paper Size

The message "Wrong Paper Size" will appear on your Brother machine's display if the paper you have loaded does not match the Paper Size setting programmed in your Brother machine or the driver settings, or if the paper is oriented incorrectly in the tray.


If the message "Wrong Paper Size" is appearing :


PROCEDURE I: Print from the Windows PC or Macintosh

To resolve this issue complete the following steps:


  1. In order to clear the message from the machine's display, delete any remaining jobs from the print queue of your computer. (Click here to see how to delete print jobs from the print queue of your computer.)
  2. Press Stop/Exit if your Brother machine still displays the error message.
  3. Verify the paper settings for your document:
    Depending on your application, the steps for setting the document's paper size will vary. From many applications, this setting can be accessed trough the File -> Page Setup -> Paper Size menu. Refer to your software's documentation for instructions on how to adjust this setting.
  4. Make sure the correct size paper is inserted in the tray you are printing from, and the paper guides are adjusted to fit the paper length and width of the paper.
  5. When printing, you can often access the printer driver's properties.

    For Windows Users:
    The steps for accessing these settings, differ depending on you're application. From many applications clicking Properties or Preferences within the print dialog box can access this setting.

    For Macintosh Users:
    1. Select Print Settings in the Print dialog box.
    2. Within the printing preferences window or Print dialog box adjust the following settings:
      1. Media Type: Select the media type to print on. The machine changes the way it places dots depending on the selected media type. For the best print results, make sure to select the correct media type.
      2. Paper Size: This Printer Driver lets you select the size of paper and envelops and also allows user defined sizes of paper.
      3. Paper Source: Select the tray that you would like to print from.

    It is recommended you select Tray 1 or 2 depending on which tray contains the appropriate paper.

    If you would like to use the Auto Select feature, you must first configure the tray's paper size on the Hardware of the Brother machine through the control panel.


PROCEDURE II: Print copies or faxes (only MFC users)

To clear the "Wrong Paper Size" message you must do one of the following:


  • Adjust the Paper Size setting to match the paper you are using.
  • Load paper that matches the current Paper Size setting.
  • Load the paper into the tray correctly.


Loading the paper into the tray correctly

Paper should be loaded in the paper trays in portrait orientation. Do NOT load paper in the paper trays in landscape orientation.

Regardless of the paper size you are using, you must always load the paper into the paper tray so that the two longer edges of the paper face the left and right sides of the paper tray and the two shorter edges of the paper face the front and back of the paper tray.

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