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FAQs & Troubleshooting

Replace Roller

The message Replace Roller indicates that the Pick-up Roller needs to be replaced with a new one.


Your machine is equipped with a scan counter. The counter automatically counts how many times the machine has scanned. When the machine scans 50,000 times, the machine will display a message Replace Roller to remind you to replace the Pick-up Roller.


Your Brother machine will have a problem scanning documents if you do not replace the Pick-up Roller.

Please follow the steps below to replace the Pick-up Roller:


  1. Open the Top Cover (1) then the Front Cover (2) by pulling the Cover Release Lever (3) toward you.
    Open the Top Cover


  2. Press the tab on each side of the Pick-up roller cover toward the center of the cover (1) and then pull the cover down.

    Pick-up Roller Cover


  3. Slide the Pick-up Roller (1) all the way to the right.

    Slide the Pick-up Roller


  4. The holder of the Pick-up Roller has a narrow opening, and the shape of the shaft of the Pick-up Roller matches this opening. Rotate the Pick-up Roller until you can fit the shaft into the opening of the holder.

  5. Hold and pull the Pick-up Roller out of the machine.

    Pick-up Roller
  6. Place a new Pick-up Roller into the machine.

    Identify the left and right sides of the Pick-up Roller are oriented correctly before attaching it. The left end of the shaft is slotted.

    Pick-up Roller


  7. Slide the Pick-up Roller (1) to the left edge while turning the Pick-up Roller.

    Pick-up Roller
  8. Close the Pick-up Roller Cover.
  9. Close the Front Cover and the Top Cover.
  10. Reset the counter. Follow the steps below to reset the usage counter.
    1. Press  Setting.
    2. Press Machine Info.
    3. Press Usage Counters.
    4. To reset the counter for the Pick-up Roller, press Pick-up Roller Count.
    5. The LCD shows the confirmation message. Press Yes.
    6. Press  Home.

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