FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting

My Brother machine sound level is high while scanning documents.

You may reduce the machine's sound level by turning on the Reduced Noise Mode. Follow the steps blow.

Turning on the Reduce Noise Mode may reduce the machine's scan speed depending on which scan settings (such as resolution) are used.

  1. For Windows Users:
    (Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7)
    Click Start => (All) Programs => Brother => [model name] and choose Remote Setup.

    (Windows 8)
    1. On the Start screen, click DownArrow.
      If DownArrow is not on the Start screen, right-click somewhere on an empty spot, and then click, All Apps from the bar.
    2. Click Brother Utilities.
    3. Choose your model name from the pulldown list.
    4. Choose Tools and then click RemoteSetup.
    (Windows 10)
    1. Click Start => (All apps =>) Brother => Brother Utilities.
    2. Choose your model name from the pulldown list.
    3. Choose Tools and then click RemoteSetup.


    For Macintosh users:
    Click Go from the Finder bar, Applications => Brother => RemoteSetup or click Macintosh HD => Library => Printers => Brother => Utilities.
  2. The Remote Setup Program window will appear.
  3. Choose General Setup in the folder tree and check the Reduced Noise Mode check box.


    NOTE: Illustrations shown below may be from an operating system that is different from your operating system.

    Reduced Noise Mode

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