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BRAdmin Professional 4

BRAdmin Professional 4

How to Install


  • If the software is being upgraded from the previous version, the previous version must be uninstalled before this version is installed.
  • The instructions may vary depending on the version of your operating system.
  • You must have Administrator authorization in order to perform the installation.
  • If the "User Account Control" prompt is displayed, click "Continue".
  • For Windows 10 Users: All files saved in Windows 10 can be found in the Downloads folder. Go to step 3.
  • For Windows 7 Users: Ensure that SP1 is installed for the application.
  1. Make a temporary directory on your HDD to save the downloaded file, e.g. C:\bront
  2. Start downloading.
  3. Once downloading is completed, double click the downloaded file.
  4. The installation will start. Please follow the installation directions.
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