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Scanner driver 64bit (rpm package)

Scanner driver 64bit (rpm package)

How to Install

  1. Download the driver.
  2. Login as a superuser.
  3. Install the driver.
    1. Turn on your MFC/DCP and connect the USB cable.
    2. Open the terminal and go to the directory where the driver is.
    3. Install the scanner driver.
      Command (for rpm) : rpm  -ihv  --nodeps  (scanner-drivername)
    4. Check if the driver is installed.
      Command (for rpm) : rpm  -qa  |  grep  -e  (scanner-drivername)

  4. For USB Users:
    Use your scanning application by a superuser and try a test scan.
    Use your usb-connectrd scanner by a normal user

    For Network Users:

    ***Use brsaneconfig (for brscan models), brsaneconfig2 (for brscan2 models), brsaneconfig3 (for brscan3 models), brsaneconfig4 (for brscan4 models) or brsaneconfig5 (for brscan5 models) accordingly.

    Add network scanner entry
    Command : brsaneconfig4 -a name=(name your device) model=(model name) ip=xx.xx.xx.xx

    Confirm network scanner entry
    Command : brsaneconfig4 -q | grep (name of your device)

    Open a scanner application and try a test scan.

Please refer the FAQ pages also for other information.

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