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Update Information

Version 1.30 (November 2021)

  • The optional magnetic frame (SAMF180/MF180/MF180AP) can be recognized on the machine.


How to check the software version of your machine


  1. Press the power switch to "|" to turn on your machine.


  2. Press image (Settings key) to display the machine's settings screen.



  3. Switch the settings screens by using image (Previous page key) or image (Next page key) to display the machine's program version.





  4. If "Version" shown in the screen is already "1.30" or later, it is not necessary to update your machine with the software on this page.


How to update your machine's software

  • When using USB flash drive to upgrade the software, check that no data other than the upgrade file is saved on the USB flash drive being used before starting to upgrade.
  • A USB flash drive should be formatted as FAT32 [MS-DOS(FAT)].


You can update the machine's software using a USB flash drive.
After downloading the file, update the machine's software according to the following procedure.


  1. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on the computer.




    (1) USB port on the computer       (2) USB flash drive


  2. Copy the update file to the USB flash drive.


  3. Safely remove the USB flash drive from the USB port on the computer.




    (1) USB port on the computer       (2) USB flash drive


  4. Turn on the machine while pressing and holdingimage (Presser foot lifter button).



    The following screen appears on the LCD.





  5. Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on the machine.




    (1) USB port                (2) USB flash drive

    When using USB flash drive equipped with an access indicator, the access indicator will begin flashing after the media is inserted into your machine, and may take about 5 to 6 seconds before the media is recognized.
    (The length of time varies depending on the USB flash drive.)


  6. Press image (Load key).
    The following screen appears on the LCD.



    Do not turn off your machine while the machine is saving the update software to itself.


  7. When the following screen appears, updating is completed.




  8. Remove the USB flash drive, and turn the machine off and on again.


  9. The machine's software has been updated.

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