Wireless Setup Wizard

Wireless Setup Wizard

How to Install

Before you start to run the Wireless Setup Wizard, make sure you change your computer's wireless settings to configure the print /scan server.

Remember to record your computer's wireless settings before you change them for configuring the print /scan server.

For how to change your computer's wireless settings to configure the print /scan server, see the Quick Setup Guide.

How to Download and Install:

  1. Please make a temporary directory on your HDD to save the downloaded file. e.g. C:\bront
  2. Start downloading.
  3. Once downloading is completed, double click the downloaded file to extract it.

    Note (For Windows 8 users):
    If you are having problems with the download procedure, please click here for troubleshooting steps.

  4. "WLan_Wiz" folder is created.
  5. Open the "WLan_Wiz" folder and double click "xxxxx.bat". (xxx = language name)


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