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Printer Driver & Scanner Driver for Local Connection

Printer Driver & Scanner Driver for Local Connection

How to Install

Note for Windows XP Service Pack 2 Users:

When you connect a Brother product to a PC running Windows XP Service Pack 2, you may see the screen "Found New Hardware Wizard".

On that screen you'll see the following options:
*Yes, this time only
*Yes, now and everytime I connect a device
*No, not this time

Select "No, not this time" and click "Next".


  1. If you click “Cancel”, the driver installation will stop.
  2. If you select one of the other options “Yes, this time only” or “Yes, now and every time I connect a device”, the Wizard will attempt to download the driver from Microsoft®’s web and will not allow you to install the Brother driver downloaded from the Brother Solutions Center web site.

Once the native driver file has been downloaded from the Web site, you must uncompress it. To do that, create a folder on your PC hard disk and then copy the driver file to that folder.

Now run the file and the files will be extracted to the folder you created.

Note for English driver Users:
Two folders, "UK-ENG" and "US-ENG" may be created.
-The "UK-ENG" folder contains drivers written in English.
-The "US-ENG" folder contains drivers written in American English.

Remove Software Suite CD-ROM before starting the installation procedure.

Now connect the FAX/MFC machine to your Windows XP computer and the "New Hardware Wizard" should automatically start. If it doesn't, reboot your Windows XP PC and the "New Hardware Wizard" should start. At this point follow the steps below.

  1. Select the "Install from a list of specific locations (Advanced)" and click "Next".
  2. Click the "Include this location in the search:" option and then click the "Browse" button and specify the location of the XP driver that you downloaded from this Web site.
    Check your CD-ROM drive is empty before clicking "Next".
    Click the "Next" button when you have correctly specified the location of the driver.
  3. From here the driver is installed automatically. Please wait until the installation is completed.

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