ControlCenter3 Update Tool

ControlCenter3 Update Tool

How to Install

- For Outlook2003/ 2007 users:
If you have added Outlook 2003 or Outlook2007 into the E-mail application list manually, you need to delete them from the list.
(If you have NOT added them into the list manually, you don’t need to follow this step.)
*Click here how to delete Outlook 2003 or Outlook2007 from the E-mail application list


  • You must be logged on as the Administrator.


  1. Close down the Control Center application if it is currently running.
  2. Make a temporary directory on your HDD to save the downloaded file, e.g. C:\bront
  3. Start downloading.
  4. Once downloading is completed, double click the downloaded file to extract it.
  5. The zip self-decompression screen will appear. Click DECOMPRESS. The files will extract and you will receive a message stating "The decompression process was successful." Click OK.
  6. Double click on the extracted "CC3update.exe" file.
  7. The installation will start. When the Welcome screen appears click NEXT to continue the installation.
  8. The installation will proceed. Once completed you will be informed that the install has completed successfully. Select "Yes, I want to restart my computer now." then click FINISH. The computer will now restart and the ControlCenter will be updated.

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