Remote Printer Console

Remote Printer Console

How to Install

  1. Make a temporary directory on your HDD to save the downloaded file, e.g. C:\bront
  2. Start downloading.
  3. Once downloading is completed, double click the downloaded file.
    Note (For Windows 8 users):
    If you are having problems with the download procedure, please click here for troubleshooting steps.
  4. The installation will start. Please follow the installation screen directions.


* Install JRE ONLY if it is not already installed.
The latest version of JRE is available from the following URL:



  1. When the software is activated, the first screen does not reflect the current printer settings.
  2. Some settings require a re-boot of the printer in order to reflect the settings. Example: Input Buffer Level.


<How to Use>

Please refer to the Remote Printer Console User's Guide.
Click Start => All Programs* => Brother Personal Utilities => Remote Printer Console => User's Guide.
* Programs for Windows 2000 users

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