P-touch Editor

P-touch Editor

How to Install

*** P-touch Editor Software Download ***
                         (Mac version)

 Thank you for downloading the P-touch Editor software.

# Installation procedure
 After downloading this program, follow the procedure below to install P-touch Editor.

  1. The downloaded file is compressed in the disk image (.dmg) format.
    Double-click the downloaded *.dmg file.
    A disk image is mounted onto the desktop.
    The disk image contains the file "*.pkg".

  2. Start up "*.pkg", and then follow the instructions that appear in order to install the P-touch Editor.

 # Notes
If the disk image could not be mounted when the *.dmg file is double-clicked, use Disk Utility, which is included with OS.
As a default (when OS was installed), Disk Utility was installed in: Macintosh HD/Applications/Utilities.


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