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ScanNCut Link

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Update Information

Version 1.0.1 (July 2021)

  • Improved functionality.



Overview of Software

The ScanNCut Link is a plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator®.
This provides the ability to "Create cutting data on Adobe Illustrator", "Add registration mark for alignment cutting", and "Export fcm file and transfer from Adobe Illustrator to the Brother ScanNCut machine directly". 

For support information on the ScanNCut Link, refer to Support OS Information about ScanNCut Link Plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator®.


How to Install ScanNCut Link

Before installing the software, make sure that
- Adobe Illustrator is closed.
- Logon to your computer as an administrator.


Folder name and file name in the following procedure may differ depending on the operating system of the computer and version of Illustrator. Select the folder for the version of Illustrator that you use.


  1. Download the file and save it on the computer.


  2. Open the folder where you saved the file.


  3. Double-click the downloaded "Brother_ScanNCutLink_Setup.exe".


  4. Open the folder at [C:] [Program Files] > [Brother] > [ScanNCutLink] > [Plugin] > [For Adobe Illustrator 2020], and then copy the [BrotherScanNCutLink.aip] file.


  5. Open the folder at [C:] [Program Files] > [Adobe] > [Adobe Illustrator 2020] > [Plug-ins], and then paste the AIP file copied.


  6. Start Illustrator.


  7. If [Brother ScanNCut Link] appears in the [File] menu of Illustrator, installation is completed.

    If you update to a new version of Illustrator, [BrotherScanNCutLink.aip] file should be copy and paste it again into the [Plug-ins] folder of the new version of Illustrator.


For more information, refer to the "Instruction Manual for ScanNCut Link".


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