Consumables & Options

Optional feet for general sewing

SA161 / F036NSA161 / F036N
  • Adjustable zipper/piping Foot
    For easier attaching of zippers and piping tapes.
SA134 / F018NSA134 / F018N
  • Blind Stitch Foot
    Adjustable for creating blind hems on a variety of fabrics.
SA128 / F004NSA128 / F004N
  • Concealed Zipper Foot
    For easy installation of concealed zippers.
SA184 / F056SA184 / F056
  • Edge Joining Foot
    For easy joining of two pieces of fabric or attach lace or trim.
SA127 / F003NSA127 / F003N
  • Narrow Hemmer Foot
    For narrow rolled hemming.
SA114 / F007NSA114 / F007N
  • Non Stick Foot
    For fabrics which may stick to the bottom of the foot such as leather,etc.
SA135 / F015NSA135 / F015N
  • Overlock Foot
    For creating overlock seams.
SA149 / F029NSA149 / F029N
  • Picot Foot
    For shell stitch effect while creating a hem.
SA160 / F035NSA160 / F035N
  • Stitch Guide Foot
    For precise topstitching from fabric edge.
SA108 / F011NSA108 / F011N
  • Straight Stitch Foot
    For straight stitch sewing. (with needle in center position)
SA189 / F063SA189 / F063
  • Vertical Stitching Alignment Foot
    The marked ruler lets you measure the distance from the needle.
SA102 / F080 / F080APSA102 / F080 / F080AP
  • Concealed Zipper Foot
    Sewing in concealed zippers.