Consumables & Options

Optional feet for decorative embellishment

SA109 / F014NSA109 / F014N
  • Binding Foot
    For attaching one-inch wide bias tape. (folds and sews tapes simultaneously)
SA145 / F023NSA145 / F023N
  • Clear-view Foot
    For optimum visibility while sewing.
SA148 / F024NSA148 / F024N
  • Cording Foot
    To attach three or less cords or decorative threads.
SA142 / F025NSA142 / F025N
  • Fringe Foot
    Creates dimensional thread loops on the top surface of the fabric and attaches fringe simultaneously.
SA120 / F012NSA120 / F012N
  • Gathering Foot
    To gather one or two layers of lightweight fabric. (two layers of fabric can be sewn together and gathered simultaneously)
SA186 / F060SA186 / F060
  • Open Toe Foot
    To attach appliqué motifs. (choose from Metal or Clear Plastic)