Consumables & Options

Optional serger/overlock feet

X76590-002 X76590-002
  • Blind Stitch Foot
    For trimming edges, finishing and hemming in one operation.
SA213 / X77459-001 / SA213APSA213 / X77459-001 / SA213AP
  • Gathering Foot
    For gathering and sewing in one operation.
SA211 / X76670-002 / SA211APSA211 / X76670-002 / SA211AP
  • Pearls and Sequins Foot
    To attach pearls and sequins up to 5mm in diameter to fabric.
SA210 / XB0241-101 / SA210APSA210 / XB0241-101 / SA210AP
  • Piping Foot
    For sewing piping and two fabrics together.
SA212 / X76663-001 / SA212APSA212 / X76663-001 / SA212AP
  • Taping Foot
    To attach tapes and elastic to stretch fabrics up to 12mm in width.