• Embossing Tool Set
    By using the embossing tools with the cutting machine, you can create embossing by pressing a pattern into the material for either a recessed effect or, by flipping over the material, a raised effect.
  • Foil Transfer Starter Kit
    You can create high-quality drawings by using the pressing tool to apply foil with your cutting machine.
  • Embossing Starter Kit
    Make a deeper embossing effect on a variety of thick papers and most metal sheets.
  • Stamp Starter Kit
    This kit is for cutting the stamp sheet with the Brother cutting machine to create original stamps.
  • Printable Sticker Starter Kit
    Personalize labels, gift tags, and so much more using CanvasWorkspace!
  • Rhinestone Starter Kit
    100 rhinestone patterns on CanvasWorkspace plus the ability to create your own rhinestone patterns!