Consumables & Options

Optional feet for decorative embellishment

SA198 / F071 / F071APSA198 / F071 / F071AP
  • Adjustable Binder Foot
    For Attaching various width bias tape from 3/16” (5 mm) to 3/4” (20 mm)
SA109 / F014NSA109 / F014N
  • Binding Foot
    For attaching one-inch wide bias tape. (folds and sews tapes simultaneously)
SA193 / F068SA193 / F068
  • Candlewicking Foot
    For sewing candlewick stitch.
SA145 / F023NSA145 / F023N
  • Clear-view Foot
    For optimum visibility while sewing.
SA110 / F013NSA110 / F013N
  • Cording Foot
    To attach three or less cords or decorative threads.
SA157 / F019NSA157 / F019N
  • Cording Foot (5-hole)
    For cording work with 5 cords.
SA158 / F020NSA158 / F020N
  • Cording Foot (7-hole)
    For cording work with 7 cords.
SA142 / F025NSA142 / F025N
  • Fringe Foot
    Creates dimensional thread loops on the top surface of the fabric and attaches fringe simultaneously.
SA120 / F012NSA120 / F012N
  • Gathering Foot
    To gather one or two layers of lightweight fabric. (two layers of fabric can be sewn together and gathered simultaneously)
SA186 / F060SA186 / F060
  • Open Toe Foot
    To attach appliqué motifs. (choose from Metal or Clear Plastic)
SA147 / F027NSA147 / F027N
  • Open Toe Foot
    To attach appliqué motifs. (choose from Metal or Clear Plastic)
SA150 / F028NSA150 / F028N
  • Pearls and Sequins Foot
    To attach pearls, sequins or beading to fabrics.
SA194 / F069SA194 / F069
  • 5 Groove Pin Tuck Foot
    For making pin tucks with larger intervals.
  • Pin Tuck Foot (Seven Grooves)
    For making pin tuck with/without cord.
SA565 / F078 / F078APSA565 / F078 / F078AP
  • Ruffler Foot
    Creates ruffles and pleats in varying depths and fullness. (can attach and create simultaneously)
SA103 / F081 / F081APSA103 / F081 / F081AP
  • Bi-level Foot - Right
    Used for finishing seams by topstitching seam allowances of thick materials (like wool, denim or tweed) folded over to one side.
SA216 / F087 / F087APSA216 / F087 / F087AP
  • Advanced monogramming foot "N+"
    This presser foot can be used in the same way as monogramming foot "N". We recommend using advanced monogramming foot "N+" when sewing fabric that is hard to feed, such as leather and vinyl.
SA220 / F090 / F090AP / F090CNSA220 / F090 / F090AP / F090CN
  • Spanish Hemstitch Attachment
    The Spanish hemstitch attachment allows you to stitch the edges of fabric together with equally spaced or make decorative stitches. It also allows you to sew cords up to 3 mm in width onto the edges of fabric.