• Rotary Auto Blade Kit
    The rotary auto blade is designed to cut fabric without backing such as an iron on appliqué sheet. The rotary auto blade makes it possible to cut delicate and stretch fabrics by minimizing the fraying of fabric edges. The characteristics of the rotary auto blade make it suitable for cutting large patterns with few sharp angles. Use the included activation card to activate this kit in CanvasWorkspace (Web) and download a recipe book and 63 patterns that allow you to create a variety of projects using different types of fabric. The downloaded patterns can be imported into the machine and edited. This kit is compatible only with the Brother ScanNCut DX cutting machine.
  • Roll Feeder 2
    Expand creative possibilities by cutting 12” (305mm) wide rolled material with the roll feeder function for home-décor items, car decals, signage and so much more! For use with Brother ScanNCut DX machine only.
  • Vinyl Auto Blade Kit
    This kit includes a vinyl auto blade holder (with a blade installed), ideal for cutting detailed patterns. The kit also adds two functions (Weeding Box function and Tiling function) to CanvasWorkspace (Windows/Mac). This makes it possible to create projects using adhesive craft vinyl and iron-on transfer material as well as large projects that exceed the size of the mat. Some patterns require optional accessories such as 12” x 24” (305 mm x 610 mm) mat or Roll Feeder (CADXRF1). For use with Brother ScanNCut DX machine only.
  • Embossing Starter Kit
    Make a deeper embossing effect on a variety of thick papers and most metal sheets.
  • Stamp Starter Kit
    This kit is for cutting the stamp sheet with the Brother cutting machine to create original stamps.
  • Printable Sticker Starter Kit
    Personalize labels, gift tags, and so much more using CanvasWorkspace!
  • Rhinestone Starter Kit
    100 rhinestone patterns on CanvasWorkspace plus the ability to create your own rhinestone patterns!